The Institutional Slave Driver: A tortured soul.

He is a Head of School

Smiling, no, he’s grinning.

All pure white surface teeth showing,

no depth of thinking for what he’s saying,

awkwardly engaging.


My mouth speaks back,

my body recoils,

I feel nauseous in his presence.

I surround myself in a bubble

for protection.



It is not safe in this space.


With no respect for self or other,

no empathy in sight,

his way goes,

he must show his might.

Strong argument or no argument at all,

in his eyes he is always right.


Pity the small minded self inside the

scrawny thin suited body and red face.

To protect his tortured and terrified soul,

he lashes out harsh discipline,

crushing the sensitive on sight,

forcing his way through with all his might.


Destroying dedicated professionals

and careers in his wake.

Building his protective moat

around the CORRIDOR of POWER.     

He is the

Head of School.

I despise this man’s behavior.


I swing from hate to pity and back again

a thousand times over.


He represents the Academy.

Aggressively bullying to

enforce their way of being and doing.

Destroying all who threaten,

making life hell for staff in the interim.


No one can touch them,

stop the abusive behavior,

or so it seems.

Trade union, individuals,

and groups of individuals

exhaust themselves battling.

HR represents only those in power,

sitting by occasionally tempering their behavior.

They are just as scared of the bullying.


Where will this end?

Senior management do not bother if human beings suffer.

I despise their behavior.


Many staff fade,

hide in their offices,

silence their voices,

stay off the radar of management

to keep their sanity.

Often becoming ill, mentally and physically spent.

Disastrous of course,

but how can professional slavery end?


Armageddon for ‘The University’, trust, individual voice,

freedom of speech, devolved responsibility,

and the authentic professional.

This is autocratic rule,

professional slavery,

faceless and silenced professionals,

working for the good of their masters.


For goodness sake,

some of these places train teachers!

I despise the totalitarian behavior!


I loathe this man and the senior management he represents.


they have helped me to see

how hollow they are, enslaved by their own demons,

driven by the almighty tick box,

pound and status.

It is for me to be who I must be,

to break away whatever the consequences.

I can’t ever be moulded in their way of being.


Hear what I say.

There is another way.


 JBW 18 September 2018